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Limbaugh’s Week Didn’t Start Well, But Ours Did! Join the Growing Effort!

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I love it when a plan comes together … as it were.

I leave my “post” for a couple of days and come back to an even better world!  As we have all said in the beginning, this movement to clean up the rhetoric of our national conversation won’t happen over night. Consider that Premiere and Clear Channel were all excited a couple weeks ago, touting in press releases that the Rush Limbaugh boycott failed and “He” would go on for ever.  This was all reinforced by lazy journalists who simply regurgitated those press releases into articles sprinkled with an interview given by the PR people who created them calling it news. 

But truthfully, as we said last week, the grassroots movement is growing as more people jump on board to do what they can to help.

It is difficult, however, to publicly quantify success without subjecting many small local companies to the tyranny of Limbaugh fans.  We don’t publicize the lists of HUNDREDS of sponsors who are alerted by volunteers that their advertisements were placed on Limbaugh’s show- (as local ads are used to fill empty advertising slots)- who then contact the local station and insist they be moved.  These people thank us for alerting them, and quietly their ads are never played on his show again.

In the mean time, the quality of Rush’s national advertisers has gone from name brands we all know, to ads for obscure products and services, the kind that play on late-night TV infomercials, erectile dysfunction and other supplements, and companies that seem to build their brands around the extreme right wing conservative audience like Generation America, a company that bills itself as the conservative alternative to AARP.

This HAS to be hurting someone’s pocketbook. Bain capital, Clear Channel, Premiere?

And now, to make matters worse, a radio station in PA may be, and some sources are saying WILL be dropping Limbaugh and he is moving to a lower watt Christian FM station. His replacement would be a more moderate commentator:

Rumors of Major Syndication Changes in Philadelphia and New York; Smerconish to Bump Limbaugh from WPHT.  And possibly more than that…but first things first.  A very hot rumor out of Philadelphia has WYD Media-produced Michael Smerconish’s nationally syndicated program airing live 12:00 noon to 3:00 pm on CBS Radio’s news/talk WPHT– where Premiere NetworksRush Limbaugh does right now.

Stories about this move are coupled with the fact that Limbaugh’s new competitor, Mike Huckabee’s show debuted Monday in the same time slot as Limbaugh offering a less hateful alternative in the right wing talk show genre.  Could Limbaugh be dreaming of smoking a stogie on the golf course and spending more time with wife number four and their little blue pills?

Stay tuned.

Help us in this effort – we still have many areas where we need listeners and we can always use more people to help contact advertisers on our lists. Please look at this page, and find your niche in this fight. As we say, give a little or a lot of of time, every bit helps!

  1. rantall
    April 11, 2012 at 10:42 am

    It is working! Keep the pressure on the sponsors. We can bring Rush down!

  2. April 11, 2012 at 11:27 am

    In addition to this website, there are FB links and other groups that are listed at endhateradio.com you can join for “your style” of activism. And it works!

  3. Robert Davis
    April 11, 2012 at 2:25 pm

    I have contacted every one on the list for Seattle that I could and have yet to receive a reply supporting Rush. Thanks for the great work you are doing.

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