How Can I HELP? What Can I Do?

If you want to help there are many ways:

  • Listen to Rush’s show on a local affiliate and record the local advertisers names.
    You can submit that list as just names but it helps even more if you find contact information for each advertiser’s facebook page, twitter, email, address, website.
    Submit that list via a comment from this page or any recent post or to our email.
  • CONTACT sponsors advertising on Limbaugh’s show using the lists provided from one or more of several sources.  We usually add lists to our blog  by radio station or state as posts daily, you can click “follow” to be alerted to any new posts on this blog.
    You can find an incredibly detailed, comprehensive list done alphabetically by name of sponsor here. We will be copying that list to our local sponsors page once a week and updating it by removing sponsors who have pulled their ads.
  • Report the responses from sponsors to us by email or comment or on the facebook pages listed below.
  • Join the social media groups that provide support and share information.
    The most active facebook page at this point is:
    One of several facebook groups set up to share information – this is the one we are active with and that seems to have the most information as well as some incredibly dedicated volunteers:
    There are other facebook pages out there listed on another page here on this blog
    Twitter: #boycottrush #flushrush #stopbush #boycottlimbaugh #rushwatch
    A list of some of the other wesbites keeping lists and sharing information:
  1. April 8, 2012 at 3:43 pm

    Acting on info from the BOYCOTT These LOCAL Radio Sponsors page, I posted on Icon LASIK Denver & Loveland Facebook page March 16 at 10:24pm.
    “Are you aware you advertised on Rush Limbaugh’s KOA show?
    When you support Rush with your ad dollars, your customer’s link you with his hate speech.
    You don’t need association in your customer’s minds with his pattern of slander and sexual insinuation. You don’t need that linked with your company.
    He attacked and defamed a young woman, a private citizen, over 3 days, for expressing her opinion to congress that contraception should be covered.
    Please consider dropping Rush”.

    Icon LASIK Denver & Loveland replied on April 2 at 11:24am:
    “Hi Susan – We actually do not advertise on Rush’s show. He’s an idiot.”

    I just replied to that post
    “Thank you so such for your clear and unequivocal statement. I thought the ad that aired on 3/16 KOA 850 Denver must have been an aberration of some kind. I appreciate your principled stance.”

  1. April 7, 2012 at 3:55 pm

We moderate comments, really. We aren't interested in debate or comments from Limbaugh fans. We appreciate information on Limbaugh's advertisers, sponsors, and afflilates. Thank you.

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