Contact/Boycott these advertisers KKSF Oakland

Another Contributor – Knot Limbaugh – love it – contributes this list:

 KKSF Oakland Newstalk910 week of 3/26


Dr. Panagotacos (415) 922-3344 Hair Restoration
2001 Union St., San Francisco, CA 94123

Five Star Windows (408) 370-3331 New Windows
1450 Dell Ave., Campbell, CA

Mercedes Benz (800) 639-2369 Luxury Cars
500 8th St., San Francisco CA 94103 **

I have a couple others, a carpet place and a cabinet place, that I am withholding to let them have some time to make a decision. There is also an Xfinity ad running that does not seem national but I don’t know how to confirm this. There is no easy access to Comcast corporate personnel. Dont know how many stations this is running. Newstalk910 is a Clear Channel Premier Entertainment station if that helps.

Today I also heard a Wendy’s ad and emailed them.

Editor’s  Note- Xfinity is still heard around the country. They say they aren’t advertising, please contact them. I am a customer and had some recent unexplained charges on my account and am not happy w/them as it is, so they most definitely will be hearing from me!

  1. April 10, 2012 at 2:52 pm

    For the latest info on KKSF Newstalk910 Oakland please come to
    Knot Limbaugh

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