Madison Wisconson Sponsors – Contact/Boycott!

Thank you Linda L- from this Facebook page
This list is includes several national sponsors who have stuck w/Rush- their contact information is on the national sponsors lists.
“I threw myself under the bus and turned his show on here in Madison WI.
Here is the partial list (as I was doing other things and may have missed one or two)”

    • Tax resolution Services (see national sponsors)
    • Grasshopper Mowers (see national sponsors)
    • Robert Stienburg- Lawyer
    • Jon Lancaster Toyota (local) Be sure to contact Toyota USA and let them know their brand is being tarnished
    • Oak Bank (Local)
    • Generation America (Right Wing – marketed as an alternative to the “liberal AARP” – they have a facebook page that shares “news” stories about Obama’s policies that will threaten retirement etc)
      Location PO Box 163327, Austin, TX 78716-3327
      Products Health Insurance, Home Insurance, Auto Insurance, Medicare Supplement Insurance, Roadside Assistance, Estate Planning services, Travel discounts, and powerful savings on much more!
      Contact Info
      Phone 1 877.687.4362
      They will be added to the national sponsor page… give them some special attention and post their information on twitter, Facebook, etc.
    • LifeLock See national sponsor list – give them special attention – the owner was in an interview and referred to us all as terrorists.
    • Lear Capital See national sponsor list
    • Plan Z diet
    • Ashford Group, Business Brokers (local)
    • Hillsdale College See national sponsor list
      I”m not sure but I think there was an Amberen commercial (probably, they are on the national sponsor page and are an alternative menopause pill of all things!)Most of the other ads where public service ads (no money made, perhaps the ad council ads will somehow get important messages in to the Dittoheads)
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