Despite the Lack of Publicity, the Effort to Boycott Rush Limbaugh is Going Well, Thank You.

UPDATE! So many people have asked how to get involved we put this list  together, join us!

Despite what Clear Channel wants you to think, the national grassroots effort to boycott Rush Limbaugh’s sponsors is working in its own quiet way.

Actually, the effort has been more about notifying advertisers than boycotting.

Every day volunteers grit their teeth and listen to Limbaugh’s hate-filled lunchtime show on hundreds of affiliates across the country.  They keep track of who is advertising, creating lists with varying levels of details, from just the names of advertisers to the actual times the ads ran. (See our recent posts and the pages on this blog for many of these lists.) Some volunteers will do the research needed to find  the contact information for all of the businesses on their lists, others simply include the names. They give their lists to websites and facebook groups where, in some cases, more hard working volunteers are finding all of the contact information and entering data into master lists. The lists are shared across the internet in many forms, posted by facebook pages, websites and blogs maintained by even more volunteers.  And still more volunteers use those lists to contact sponsors and let them know their ad was heard on a local radio station.  In some cases volunteers are spending hours a day working at all of these tasks.

None of this is being coordinated by a some left-wing organization as Limbaugh and those who are bound to him with contracts,  like to maintain.  This is pure grassroots; a grassroots effort that has grown via social media to involve thousands of people, and is still growing!

More often than not, when a company is notified that their ad was heard on Limbaugh’s show, often by many people, a representative will respond that they were unaware their ad was placed in a spot on Limbaugh’s show.  This is most likely true and easy to remedy, they simply contact the station playing their ad and insist it not be used to fill open slots on Rush Radio’s mid-day hate-fest.  If this is what they want – they pay for the ads – then they can get it done.

The various groups keeping track of advertisers have been careful about proclaiming victory when smaller companies take the steps necessary to be removed from Limbaugh’s show as this might draw negative attention from Limbaugh’s “dittoheads®.”

But there are records of these advertisers.  We know when an advertiser stated they were moving their ads and yet continue to have ads placed on Limbaugh’s show. We know when an advertiser declares they want their ads on Limbaugh’s show.  And, we know when advertisers stop running ads on Limbaugh’s show for good.

When a company continues sponsor the show, intentionally, the name and information will be added to a list that will be posted here shortly: the list of companies to BOYCOTT.  We intend to begin doing a feature post about each of these companies in the coming weeks, beginning with those national companies who’ve decided to stand by Rush.

We can tell you first-hand, the numbers of advertisers asking local stations to have their ads taken off Limbaugh’s show is growing. Most of those company’s names won’t be published in the press, so the fact that this number is growing at the rate only a few of us can see won’t make the headlines. But those numbers are increasing, daily.

It won’t happen over night, we all know that, we are aware of length of the road ahead.  But Limbaugh’s hate -filled rants and daily vitriol aimed at minorities, women and anyone who doesn’t fit neatly into his demographic of unhappy, angry white men between the ages of 25 and 60 provide incentive for the growing movement of volunteers. We all know that El Rushbo’s days of ruling his “dittohead nation™ ” are numbered.


Help us clean up the rhetoric that has inflamed and divided our nation for too long.

You can do a little or a lot, but every little bit helps!

If you’d like to help, please send us a message by leaving a comment or to email us and we will head you in the right direction.

  1. rantall
    April 7, 2012 at 6:32 am

    Great article. I have been on the front lines of this movement since the Sandra Fluke incident. You have described our efforts quite well. We have been enormously successful in a short period of time both is convincing sponsors to drop Rush and in organizing the movement. While we have thousands of people working on this we still need more. The tough advertisers are the hardcore Limbaugh sponsors and they have yet to fold. Please volunteer even if it is only a few hours per week. Thanks.

  2. April 8, 2012 at 6:01 pm

    My wife and I have been in the boycott since the beginning and plan to stay in it until the oh so sweet end. We aren’t in it to make a political statement. We are doing it for our six daughters and stepdaughters and three granddaughters. No woman should be subjected to disgusting and vulgar statements about their private lives.

  3. April 8, 2012 at 6:11 pm

    My wife and I have been in this boycott since the beginning and will stay in it until its oh so sweet end. We are not in it for political reasons. We are in it for our six daughters and stepdaughters and three grand daughters. No woman should be subjected to disgusting and vulgar statements about their private lives. It’s not a hate thing, it’s a morality and civility thing. It’s not a first amendment thing, it’s about outrage at the misuse of the public airwaves. This boycott should put entertainers and commentators from the far right and far left on notice that if they insist on making misogynistic and sexist comments about women, they should think twice about doing it on the airwaves owned by the people. If they must display their vulgarity, let them do it on cable TV or satellite radio.

  4. dem02020
    April 9, 2012 at 8:34 pm

    Great work, and of course Clear Channel and Premier Radio Networks and rush himself will never acknowledge the effect of these petitions and letters and emails and phone calls and boycotts, but they are having an effect, and yes money is what it’s all about, and it is our money as a source, money that winds up in rush limbaugh’s bank account, by way of these sponsors and advertisers.

    Also it’s great that you recognize the true source of this pressure, it’s regular people, millions and millions of them, it’s not any narrow political interest or organization, and it’s certainly not “conscientious” advertisers or sponsors, in truth they (the sponsors) couldn’t care less, in truth they probably love rush limbaugh… but they love our money more, and again, it’s all about the money with these people, and the money just happens to come from us.

    I know that you already know all of this yourself, of course you do, you wouldn’t be doing what you’re doing if you didn’t already know all of this… I just like typing it out and expressing it anyway, and I like saying GREAT WORK!

    (And apparently rush is losing a major broadcaster in Philadelphia, WPHT 1210 AM… if true, then awesome!)

    • April 9, 2012 at 10:16 pm

      If that affiliate officially drops him, please let us know!

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