The LIST: All Local Radio Stations Playing Rush’s Show

THESE ARE HIS BREAD AND BUTTER – THESE STATIONS ARE – COLLECTIVELY – THE SOURCE OF THE 50 MILLION HE MAKES EACH YEAR, THEY PAY A FEE TO PLAY HIS SHOW. The experts say, the advertisers to Boycott are the local advertisers who advertise on his show….
copied from his website this page has direct links to the pages who have websites – they will probably be requesting that he remove links from his site, so simply do a Google search for the radio station, the freq #’s and that city/state:

The comments conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh made last week about a student testifying in Washington, D.C., about contraceptives became an instant flashpoint and drew outrage across the country. After Limbaugh called Sandra Fluke, a Georgetown University student, a “slut” …

Rush Limbaugh – All Radio Stations

Athens WVNN 770 M-F 11a2p
Birmingham WERC 960 M-F 11a-2p
Brewton WEBJ 1240 MoFr 11a2p
Brookwood WRTR 105.9 M-F 11a-2p
Cullman WKUL 92.1 M-F 1p-4p
Dothan WDBT 93.7 MoFr 11a2p
Gadsden WAAX 570 M-F 12p-3p
Greenville WGYV 1380 M-F 11a2p
Guntersville WGSV 1270 M-F 11a2p
Guntersville WTWX 95.9 M-F 11a2p
Hoover WERC 105.5 M-F 11a-2p
Mobile WNTM 710 MoFr 11a2p
Montgomery WLWI 1440 M-F 11a2p
Opelika WANI 1400 MoFr 11a2p
Selma WHBB 1490 M-F 11a2p
Trinity/Huntsvil WVNN 92.5 M-F 11a2p
Troy WTBF 970 M-F 11a2p
Tuscaloosa WACT 1420 MoFr 11a2p
Tuscumbia WVNA 1590 M-F 11a2p
Anchorage KENI 650 M-F 9a12p
Fairbanks KFBX 970 M-F 9a-12p
Homer KGTL 620 M-F 8a-11a
Juneau KJNO 630 M-F 8a-11a
Ketchikan KTKN 930 M-F 8a-11a
Soldotna KPEN 101.7 M-F 8a11a
Bullhead City KZZZ 1490 M-F 10a-1p
Flagstaff KBTK 105.1 M-F 10a-1p
Green Valley KNST 97.1 MoFr 9a12p
Holbrook KDJI 1270 M-F 9a-12p
Kingman KAAA 1230 M-F 9a-12p
Parker KLPZ 1380 M-F 10a-1p
Phoenix KFYI 550 M-F 10a-1p
Prescott KYCA 1490 M-F 10a-12p, M-F 1p-2p
Safford KATO 1230 M-F 9a-12p
Show Low KVWM 970 M-F 9a-12p
Sierra Vista KTAN 1420 M-F 10a-1p
Tucson KNST 790 M-F 10a-1p
Yuma KBLU 560 MoFr 9a12p
Calico Rock KJMT 97.1 M-F 11a-2p
Dardanelle KCAB 980 M-F 11a-2p
Farmington KFAY 1030 M-F 11a-2p
Fort Smith KWHN 1320 M-F 11a-2p
Heber Springs KAWW 1370 M-F 11a-2p
Hope KXAR 1490 MoFr 11a2p
Hot Springs KZNG 1340 M-F 11a-2p
Jonesboro KBTM 1230 M-F 11a-2p
Little Rock-Pine Bluff-Hampton KELD 106.5 M-F 11a-2p
Pangburn KSMD 99.1 M-F 11a-2p
Searcy KWCK 1300 M-F 11a-2p
Sheridan KARN 102.9 M-F 11a-2p
Texarkana KTFS 107.7 MoFr 11a2p
Alturas KCFJ 570 MoFr 9a12p
Apple Valley KIXW 960 M-F 9a-12p
Bakersfield KNZR 1560 M-F 9a-12p
Carlsbad KOGO 95.7 MoFr 9a12p
Chico KPAY 1290 M-F 9a-12p
Crescent City KPOD 1240 M-F 9a-12p
Fresno KMJ 580 M-F 9a-12p
Grass Valley KNCO 830 M-F 9a-12p
Lake Isabella KQAB 1140 M-F 9a-12p
Lake Isabella KVLI 1140 MoFr 9a12p
Los Angeles KFI 640 M-F 9a-12p
Marysville KMYC 1410 M-F 9a-12p
Merced KYOS 1480 M-F 9a-12p
Modesto KFIV 1360 M-F 9a-12p
Oakland KKSF 910 M-F 9a-12p
Palm Springs KPSI 920 M-F 9a-12p
Paso Robles KPRL 1230 M-F 9a-12p
Redding KQMS 1400 M-F 9a-12p
Sacramento KFBK 1530 M-F 9a-12p
Sacramento KFBK 92.5 MoFr 9a12p
San Diego KOGO 600 M-F 9a-12p
San Luis Obispo KVEC 920 M-F 9a-12p
Santa Barbara KTMS 990 M-F 9a-12p
Santa Cruz KSCO 1080 M-F 9a-12p
Santa Maria KSMX 1240 M-F 9a-12p
Shafter KSMJ 97.7 MoFr 9a12p
Shasta Lake KQMS 99.3 M-F 9a-12p
Sonora KVML 1450 M-F 9a-12p
South Lake Tahoe KOWL 1490 MoFr 9a12p
Susanville KSUE 1240 MoFr 9a12p
Weed KCWH 102.3 MoFr 9a12p
Yuma, AZ-El Centro, CA KROP 1300 M-F 9a-12p
Basalt KNFO 106.1 M-F 10a-1p Colorado Rockies!
Colorado Springs KVOR 740 M-F 10a-1p
Cortez KVFC 740 MoFr 10a1p
Denver KOA 850 M-F 12p-3p  Colorado Rockies!And DENVER BRONCOS
Durango KDGO 1240 MoFr 10a1p
Grand Junction KNZZ 1100 M-F 10a-1p
Pueblo KCSJ 590 M-F 10a-1p  Colorado Rockies
Wellington KCOL 600 M-F 10a-1p
Danbury WLAD 800 MoFr 12p3p
Groton WXLM 980 MoFr 12p3p
Hartford WTIC 1080 M-F 12p-3p Red Sox Radio Network!
New Haven WELI 960 M-F 12p-3p
Dover WDOV 1410 M-F 12p-3p
Rehoboth Beach WGMD 92.7 M-F 12p-3p
Wilmington WILM 1450 MoFr 12p3p
District of Columbia
Washington WMAL 630 M-F 12p-3p
Arcadia WFLN 1480 M-F 12p-3p
Cocoa WMMV 1350 M-F 12p-3p
Columbia City WJTK 96.5 M-F 12p-3p
Daytona Beach WNDB 1150 M-F 12p-3p
Estero WFSX 92.5 MoFr 12p3p
Fort Myers WNOG 1270 M-F 12p-3p
Ft Walton Bch/De WFTW 1260 M-F 11a-2p
Ft. Myers WFSX 1240 M-F 12p-3p
Homosaasa WXJB 99.9 MoFr 12p3p
Jacksonville WOKV 690 M-F 12p-3p
Jacksonville WOKV 106.5 M-F 12p-3p
Lake Placid/Sebr WWTK 730 M-F 12p-3p
Lakeland WLKF 1430 M-F 12p-3p
Marathon WFFG 1300 M-F 12p-3p
Melbourne WMMB 1240 M-F 12p-3p
Miami WIOD 610 M-F 12p-3p
Micanopy/Gainesv WSKY 97.3 M-F 12p-3p
Midway WFLA 100.7 MoFr 12p3p
Ocala WOCA 1370 M-F 12p-3p
Orlando WFLF 540 MoFr 12p3p
Panama City-Parker WFLF 94.5 M-F 11a-2p
Pensacola WCOA 1370 M-F 11a-2p
Port Saint Lucie WPHR 94.7 MoFr 12p3p
Port St Lucie WPSL 1590 M-F 12p-3p
Punta Grda/P Cha WCCF 1580 M-F 12p-3p
Saint Augustine WFOY 1240 M-F 12p-3p
Tampa WFLA 970 M-F 12p-3p
Vero Beach-Ft. Pierce WZTA 1370 M-F 12p-3p
West Palm Beach WJNO 1290 M-F 12p-3p
Albany WALG 1590 M-F 12p-3p
Athens WGAU 1340 M-F 12p-3p
Atlanta WGST 640 M-F 12p-3p
Augusta WGAC 580 M-F 12p-3p
Brunswick WGIG 1440 MoFr 12p3p
Cairo WGRA 790 M-F 12p-3p
Clarksville WCHM 1490 M-F 12p-3p
Columbus WDAK 540 M-F 12p-3p
Dalton WBLJ 1230 MoFr 12p3p
Gainesville WDUN 550 M-F 12p-3p
Greensboro WDDK 103.9 M-F 12p-3p
Hiawassee WJUL 1230 MoFr 12p3p
Hogansville WVCC 720 M-F 12p-3p
Lakeland WVGA 105.9 M-F 12p-3p
Macon WMAC 940 M-F 12p-3p
Patterson WSGT 107.1 MoFr 12p3p
Rome WLAQ 1410 M-F 12p-3p
Royston WXFO 810 M-F 12p-3p
Savannah WTKS 1290 M-F 12p-3p
Statesboro WWNS 1240 M-F 12p-3p
Vidalia WVOP 970 M-F 12p-3p
Warrenton WGAC 93.1 M-F 12p-3p
Honolulu KHVH 830 M-F 9a-12p
Kihei KAOI 1110 M-F 8a-11a
Boise KBOI 670 M-F 10a-1p
Idaho Falls KID 590 M-F 10a-1p
Pocatello KWIK 1240 M-F 10a-1p
Pocatello KEGE 92.1 MoFr 10a1p
Twin Falls KLIX 1310 M-F 10a-1p
Bloomington-Normal WRPW 92.9 M-F 11a-2p
Cardondale WCIL 1020 M-F 11a-2p
Champaign/Urbana WDWS 1400 M-F 11a-2p
Chicago WLS 890 M-F 11a-2p
Danville WDAN 1490 M-F 11a-2p
Decatur WSOY 1340 M-F 11a-2p
Effingham WCRA 1090 M-F 11a-2p
Fairfield WFIW 1390 MoFr 1p4p
Galesburg WGIL 1400 M-F 11a-2p
Golconda WKYX 94.3 M-F 11a-2p
La Salle WLPO 1220 MoFr 11a2p
Macomb WLRB 1510 MoFr 11a2p
Mount Vernon WMIX 940 MoFr 11a2p
Paris WIBQ 98.5 M-F 11a-2p
Peoria WMBD 1470 M-F 11a-2p
Quincy WTAD 930 MoFr 11a2p
Rockford WROK 1440 M-F 11a-2p
Springfield WTAX 1240 M-F 11a-2p
Anderson WHBU 1240 M-F 12p-3p
Bedford WBIW 1340 M-F 12p-3p
Bloomington WGCL 1370 M-F 12p-3p
Columbus WCSI 1010 M-F 12p-3p
Elkhart WTRC 1340 MoFr 12p3p
Evansville WGBF 1280 M-F 11a-2p PERDUE BOILERMAKERS!
Ft. Wayne WOWO 1190 M-F 12p-3p
Indianapolis WIBC 93.1 M-F 12p-3p
Jasper WITZ 990 MoFr 12p3p
Kokomo WIOU 1350 MoFr 12p3p
Logansport WSAL 1230 MoFr 1p4p
Vincennes WAOV 1450 M-F 11a-2p
Anamosa KWMG 95.7 MoFr 11a2p
Burlington KCPS 1150 MoFr 11a2p
Cedar Rapids WMT 600 M-F 1p-4p
Davenport WOC 1420 M-F 11a-2p
Des Moines WHO 1040 M-F 1p-4p
Dubuque WDBQ 1490 M-F 11a-2p
Estherville KILR 1070 MoFr 11a2p
Fort Dodge KVFD 1400 MoFr 11a2p
Mason City KGLO 1300 MoFr 11a2p
Sheldon KIWA 1550 M-F 11a-2p
Sioux City KSCJ 1360 MoFr 11a2p
Waterloo/Cedar R KXEL 1540 M-F 11a-2p
Dodge City KGNO 1370 M-F 11a-2p
Goodland KLOE 730 MoFr 10a1p
Hays KRMR 105.7 M-F 11a-2p
Holcomb KBUF 1030 M-F 1p-4p
Hutchinson KWBW 1450 M-F 11a-12p, M-F 1p-3p
Independence KIND 1010 MoFr 11a2p
Iola KIOL 1370 M-F 11a-2p
Kansas City KMBZ 98.1 MoFr 11a2p
Liberal KSCB 1270 M-F 11a-2p
Manhattan KMAN 1350 M-F 11a-2p
Salina KSAL 1150 M-F 11a-2p
Topeka KMAJ 1440 M-F 11a-2p
Wichita KNSS 1330 M-F 11a-2p
Bowling Green WKCT 930 M-F 11a-2p
Burnside WSFE 910 M-F 12p-3p
Hopkinsville WHOP 1230 MoFr 11a2p
Lexington WLAP 630 M-F 12p-3p
Louisville WHAS 840 M-F 12p-3p
Mayfield WNGO 1320 M-F 11a-2p
Owensboro WOMI 1490 M-F 11a-2p
Paducah WKYX 570 M-F 11a-2p
Prestonsburg WDOC 1310 MoFr 12p3p
Abbeville KPEL 96.5 M-F 11a-2p
Alexandria KSYL 970 M-F 11a-2p
Atlanta KCIJ 106.5 MoFr 11a2p
Baton Rouge WJBO 1150 M-F 11a-2p
Lake Charles KAOK 1400 M-F 11a-2p
Many KBDV 92.7 MoFr 11a2p
Monroe KMLB 540 MoFr 11a2p
New Orleans WRNO 99.5 M-F 11a-2p
Shreveport KEEL 710 M-F 11a-2p
Augusta WVQM 101.3 M-F 12p-3p
Howland WVOM 103.9 M-F 12p-3p
Portland WGAN 560 M-F 12p-3p
Presque Isle WEGP 1390 M-F 12p-3p Red Sox Radio Network!
Baltimore WCBM 680 M-F 12p-3p
Frederick WFMD 930 MoFr 12p3p
Frostburg WFRB 560 MoFr 12p3p
Pocomoke City WICO 92.5 MoFr 12p3p
Boston WXKS 1200 M-F 12p-3p
Pittsfield WBEC 1420 DROPPED RUSH!
Springfield WHYN 560 M-F 12p-3p
W Yarmouth/Hyann WXTK 95.1 M-F 12p-3p *Red Sox Radio!*
Worcester WTAG 580 M-F 12p-3p
Adrian WABJ-AM 1490 MoFr 12p3p
Alpena WATZ 1450 M-F 12p-3p
Battle Creek WBCK 95.3 M-F 12p-3p
Bear Lake WCUZ 100.1 MoFr 12p3p
BentonHarbor-Elkhart, IN WSJM 94.9 M-F 12p-3p
Big Rapids WBRN 1460 M-F 12p-3p
Cadillac WATT 1240 M-F 12p-3p
Carrollton WSGW 100.5 M-F 12p-3p
Detroit WJR 760 M-F 12p-3p
Escanaba WCHT 600 M-F 12p-3p
Flint WWCK 1570 M-F 12p-3p
Grand Rapids WOOD 1300 M-F 12p-3p
Grand Rapids WOOD 106.9 MoFr 12p3p
Hancock WMPL 920 M-F 12p-3p
Iron Mountain WMIQ 1450 M-F 11a-2p
Iron River WFER 1230 MoFr 11a2p
Ishpeming WIAN 1240 M-F 12p-3p
Jackson WKHM 970 M-F 12p-3p
Kalamazoo WKMI 1360 M-F 12p-3p
Lansing WJIM 1240 M-F 12p-3p
Manistee WMTE 1340 MoFr 3p6p
Marquette WDMJ 1320 M-F 12p-3p
Menominee WAGN 1340 MoFr 11a2p
Niles WTRC 95.3 MoFr 12p3p
Sandusky WMIC 660 M-F 2p-5p
Sault Ste. Marie WKNW 1400 M-F 12p-3p
Shepherd WMMI 830 M-F 12p-3p
St Joseph WSJM 1400 M-F 12p-3p
Traverse City WTCM 580 M-F 12p-3p
Baxter WWWI 1270 M-F 11a-2p
Bemidji KKBJ 1360 M-F 11a-2p
Dilworth WZFG 1100 MoFr 11a2p
Fergus Falls KBRF 1250 MoFr 11a2p
Minneapolis KTLK 100.3 M-F 11a-2p
Nashwauk WNMT 650 MoFr 11a2p
Park Rapids KPRM 870 M-F 11a-2p
St. Cloud KNSI 1450 M-F 11a-2p
Verndale KVKK 1070 M-F 11a-2p
Willmar KDJS 1590 M-F 11a-2p
Winona KWNO 1230 MoFr 11a12p; 2p4p
Columbia WCJU 1450 MoFr 11a2p
Greenville WNIX 1330 MoFr 11a2p
Hattiesburg WMXI 98.1 MoFr 11a2p
Jackson WJDX 620 MoFr 11a2p
Meridian WMOX 1010 MoFr 11a2p
Moss Point WBUV 104.9 MoFr 11a2p
Philadelphia WHOC 1490 MoFr 11a2p
Prentiss WCJU 104.9 MoFr 11a2p
Tupelo WKMQ 1060 M-F 11a-2p
Vicksburg WVBG 1490 M-F 11a-2p
Cape Girardeau KZIM 960 M-F 11a-2p
Columbia KFRU 1400 M-F 11a-2p
Farmington KREI 800 M-F 11a-2p
Jefferson City KWOS 950 M-F 11a-2p
Joplin KZRG 1310 M-F 11a-2p
Kansas City KMBZ 980 MoFr 11a2p
Moberly KWIX 1230 M-F 11a-2p
Osage Beach KRMS 1150 M-F 11a-2p
Popular Bluff KWOC 930 M-F 11a-2p
Sedalia KSIS 1050 M-F 11a-2p
Sikeston KSIM 1400 M-F 11a-2p
Springfield KWTO 560 M-F 11a-2p
St Louis KMOX 1120 M-F 11a-2p
St. James KTTR 99.7 M-F 11a-2p
St. Joseph KFEQ 680 M-F 11a-2p
Waynesville KJPW 1390 M-F 11a-2p
West Plains KWPM 1450 M-F 11a-2p
Willow Springs KUKU 1330 M-F 11a-2p
Billings KBUL 970 M-F 10a-1p
Billings KCHH 95.5 MoFr 10a1p
Bozeman KMMS 1450 M-F 10a-1p
Butte KXTL 1370 M-F 10a-1p
Great Falls KQDI 1450 M-F 10a-1p
Hamilton KLYQ 1240 M-F 10a-1p
Helena KBLL 1240 M-F 10a-12p, M-F 12:30p-1:30p
Livingston KPRK 1340 M-F 10a-1p
Missoula KGVO 1290 M-F 10a-1p
Whitefish KJJR 880 M-F 10a-1p
Grand Island KRGI 1430 M-F 11a-2p
Kearney KGFW 1340 M-F 11a-2p
Lincoln KLIN 1400 M-F 11a-2p
McCook KBRL 1300 M-F 11a-2p
Norfolk WJAG 780 MoFr 1p4p
North Platte KODY 1240 M-F 11a-2p
Omaha KFAB 1110 M-F 11a-2p
Scottsbluff KOLT 1320 M-F 10a-1p
Elko KZBI 94.5 MoFr 9a12p
Las Vegas KXNT 100.5 M-F 9a-12p
North Las Vegas KXNT 840 M-F 9a-12p
Reno KKOH 780 M-F 9a-12p
New Hampshire
Keene WKBK 1290 M-F 12p-3p  Red Sox Radio Network!
Laconia WEMJ 1490 MoFr 12p3p  Red Sox Radio Network!
Lebanon WUVR 1490 MoFr 12p3p
Manchester WGIR 610 M-F 12p-3p
New London WNTK 99.7 MoFr 12p3p Red Sox Radio Network!
Rochester WQSO 96.7 MoFr 12p3p Red Sox Radio Network!
New Jersey
Atlantic City WMID 1340 MoFr 12p3p
Wildwood WCMC 1230 MoFr 12p3p
New Mexico
Alamogordo KINN 1270 M-F 10a-1p
Albuquerque KKOB 770 M-F 10a-1p
Artesia KSVP 990 M-F 10a-1p
Bayard KNFT 950 M-F 10a-1p
Farmington KENN 1390 M-F 10a-1p
Humble City KYKK 1110 M-F 10a-1p
Las Cruces KOBE 1450 MoFr 10a1p
Roswell KBIM 910 M-F 10a-1p
Ruidoso Downs KRUI 1490 M-F 10a-1p
New York
Albany WGY 103.1 M-F 12p-3p
Binghamton WNBF 1290 M-F 12p-3p
Buffalo WBEN 930 M-F 12p-3p
Ellenville WKIP 99.3 MoFr 12p3p
Hornell WLEA 1480 M-F 12p-3p
Horseheads WWLZ 820 M-F 12p-3p
Ithaca WHCU 870 M-F 12p-3p
Lakewood WLKW 95.3 MoFr 12p3p
New York WABC 770 M-F: 12p-3p
Ogdensburg WQTK 92.7
Portville WVTT 96.7 MoFr 12p3p
Poughkeepsie WKIP 1450 M-F 12p-3p
Rochester WHAM 1180 M-F 12p-3p
Schenectady WGY 810 M-F 12p-3p
Solvay WSYR 106.9 MoFr 12p3p
Syracuse WSYR 570 M-F 12p-3p
Utica/Rome WIBX 950 M-F 12p-3p
Watertown WTNY 790 M-F 12p-3p
Wethersfield WLKK 107.7 MoFr 12p3p
North Carolina
Albemarle WSPC 1010 M-F 12p-3p
Asheville WWNC 570 MoFr 12p3p
Atlantic WTKF 107.3 M-F 12p-3p
Blowing Rock WXIT 1200 M-F 12p-3p
Charlotte WBT 1110 M-F 12p-3p
Elizabeth City WGAI 560 MoFr 12p3p
Fayetteville WFNC 640 M-F12p-3p
Goldsboro WGBR 1150 M-F 12p-3p
Greensboro WPTI 94.5 M-F 12p-3p
Hendersonville WHKP 1450 MoFr 12p3p
Hickory WHKY 1290 M-F 12p-3p
Jacksonville WJNC 1240 M-F 12p-3p
Leland WAAV 980 M-F 12p-3p
Manteo WOBX 98.1 M-F 12p-3p
Raleigh WRDU 106.1 M-F 12p-3p
Rutherfordton WCAB 590 MoFr 12p3p
Southern Pines WEEB 990 MoFr 12p3p
Statesville WSIC 1400 M-F 12p-3p
Waynesville WMXF 1400 MoFr 12p3p
Williamston WTIB 103.7 M-F 12p-3p
North Dakota
Bismarck KFYR 550 M-F 11a-12p, M-Fr 1p-3p
Minot KRRZ 1390 M-F 11a-2p
Tioga KTGO 1090 MoFr 11a2p
Akron WHLO 640 M-F 12p-3p
Chillicothe WBEX 1490 M-F 12p-3p
Cincinnati WKRC 550 M-F 12p-3p
Cleveland WTAM 1100 M-F 12p-3p
Columbus WTVN 610 M-F 12p-3p
Dayton WHIO 1290 M-F 12p-3p
Defiance WONW 1280 M-F 12p-3p
Findlay WFIN 1330 M-F 12p-3p
Fredericktown WWMM 98.3 MoFr 12p3p
Lima WIMA 1150 M-F 12p-3p
Mansfield WMAN 1400 M-F 12p-3p
Marietta WLTP 910 MoFr 12p3p
Marion WMRN 1490 M-F 12p-3p
Piqua WHIO 95.7 M-F 12p-3p
Shelby WMAN 100.1 MoFr 12p3p
Toledo WSPD 1370 M-F 12p-3p
Youngstown WKBN 570 M-F 12p-3p
Zanesville WHIZ 1240 M-F 12p-3p
Bartlesville KWON 1400 M-F 11a12p, M-F 1p3p
Clinton KCLI 1320 M-F 11a-2p
Cordell KCLI 99.3 M-F 11a-2p
Duncan KPNS 1350 M-F 11a-2p
Enid KGWA 960 M-F 11a-2p
Oklahoma City KTOK 1000 M-F 11a-2p
Sand Springs KRMG 102.3 M-F 12p-3p
Tulsa KRMG 740 M-F 12p-3p
Woodward KMZE 92.1 MoFr 11a2p
Astoria KAST 1370 M-F 9a-12p
Baker KBKR 1490 M-F 9a-12p
Bend KBND 1110 M-F 9a-12p
Coquille KWRO 630 M-F 9a-12p
Corvallis KLOO 1340 M-F 9a-12p
Enterprise KWVR 1340 MoFr 9a12p
Eugene KPNW 1120 M-F 9a-12p
Grants Pass KAJO 1270 M-F 1p-4p
Keizer KYKN 1430 M-F 9a-12p
Klamath Falls KAGO 1150 M-F 9a-12p
La Grande KLBM 1450 M-F 9a-12p
Medford KMED 1440 M-F 9a-12p
Pendleton KUMA 1290 MoFr 9a12p
Portland KEX 1190 M-F 9a-12p
Roseburg KQEN 1240 M-F 9a-12p
The Dalles KACI 1300 MoFr 9a12p
Allentown WAEB 790 M-F 12p-3p
Altoona WRTA 1240 M-F 12p-3p
Avoca WILK 103.1 M-F 12p-3p
Bedford WBFD 1310 M-F 12p-3p
Bellefonte WBLF 970 M-F 12p-3p
Du Bois WCED 1420 M-F 12p-3p
Franklin WFRA 1450 M-F 12p-3p
Harrisburg WHP 580 M-F 12p-3p
Honesdale WPSN 1590 M-F 12p-3p
Hughesville WRKK 1200 M-F 12p-3p
Kane WBYB 103.9 MoFr 12p3p
Lewistown WIEZ 670 M-F 12p-3p
McConnellsburg WEEO 103.7 M-F 12p-3p
Meadville WMGW 1490 M-F 12p-3p
Milton WMLP 1380 M-F 12p-3p
Philadelphia WPHT 1210 M-F 12p-3p
Pittsburgh WPGB 104.7 M-F 12p-3p
Pottsville WPPA 1360 M-F 12p-3p
Reading WEEU 830 M-F 12p-3p
Scranton WBZU 910 M-F 12p-3p
Titusville WTIV 1230 M-F 12p-3p
W Hazleton WKZN 1300 M-F 12p-3p
Warren WNAE 1310 M-F 12p-3p
Wilkes-Barre WILK 980 M-F 12p-3p
Williamsport WRAK 1400 M-F 12p-3p
York WSBA 910 M-F 12p-3p
Rhode Island
Providence WHJJ 920 MoFr 12p3p
South Carolina
Anderson WAIM 1230 M-F 12p-3p
Columbia WVOC 560 M-F 12p-3p
Florence WJMX 970 M-F 12p-3p
Goose Creek WSCC 94.3 M-F 12p-3p
Greenville WYRD 1330 M-F 12p-3p
Greenwood WCRS 1450 MoFr 12p3p
Myrtle Beach WRNN 99.5 M-F 12p-3p
Simpsonville WYRD 106.3 M-F 12p-3p
Spartanburg WORD 950 M-F 12p-3p
Sumter WDXY 1240 M-F 12p-3p
West Columbia WVOC 100.1 MoFr 12p3p
South Dakota
Pierre KGFX 1060 M-F 1p-4p
Rapid City KOTA 1380 M-F 10a-1p
Sioux Falls KELO 1320 M-F 11a-2p
Watertown KSDR 1480 M-F 11a-2p
Athens WYXI 1390 M-F 12p-3p
Chattanooga WGOW 1150 M-F 12p-3p
Cleveland WBAC 1340 M-F 12p-3p
Columbia WKRM 1340 M-F 11a-2p
Cookeville WHUB 1400 M-F 11a-2p
Crossville WAEW 1330 M-F 11a-2p
Dyer WTJJ 94.3 M-F 11a-2p
Humboldt WTJW 105.3 M-F 11a-2p
Jackson WTJS 1390 M-F 11a-2p
Johnsn Cty/Kings WJCW 910 M-F 12p-3p
Knoxville WOKI 98.7 MoFr 12p3p
Martin WCMT 1410 M-F 11a-2p
Memphis WREC 600 M-F 11a-2p
Nashville WLAC 1510 M-F 11a-2p
Abilene KYYW 1470 M-F 11a-2p
Amarillo KGNC 710 M-F 11a-2p
Arlington WBAP 96.7 M-F 11a-2p
Austin KLBJ 590 and 99.7 M-F 11a-2p
Beaumont KLVI 560 M-F 11a-2p
Big Spring KBST 1490 M-F 11a-2p
Brenham KWHI 1280 M-F 1p-4p
Brownwood KXYL 1240 MoFr 11a2p
Brownwood KXYL 102.3 MoFr 11a2p
College Station WTAW 1620 M-F 11a-2p
Corpus Christi KKTX 1360 M-F 11a-2p
Edinburg KURV 710 M-F 11a-2p
El Paso KTSM 690 M-F 10a-1p
Fort Worth WBAP 820 M-F 11a-2p
Houston KTRH 740 M-F 11a-2p
Junction KOOK 93.5 MoFr 11a2p
Kerrville KERV 1230 MoFr 11a2p
Lubbock KFYO 790 M-F 11a-2p
Midland KCRS 550 M-F 11a-2p
Nacogdoches KSFA 860 M-F 11a-2p
Palestine KNET 1450 M-F 11a-2p
Plainview KVOP 1090 M-F 11a-2p
San Angelo KKSA 1260 M-F 11a-2p
San Antonio WOAI 1200 M-F 11a-2p
Temple/Killeen KTEM 1400 M-F 11a-2p
Texarkana KTFS 940 MoFr 11a2p
Tyler KTBB 600 M-F 11a-2p
Victoria KVNN 1340 M-F 11a-2p
Waco KWTX 1230 M-F 11a-2p
Wichita Falls KWFS 1290 MoFr 11a2p
Cedar City KSUB 590 M-F 10a-1p
Logan KVNU 610 M-F 10a-1p
Price KOAL 750 M-F 10a-1p
Richfield KSVC 980 M-F 10a-1p
Salt Lake City KNRS 570 M-F 10a-1p
Salt Lake City KNRS 105.7 M-F 10a-1p
St. George KDXU 890 M-F 10a-1p
Vernal KVEL 920 M-F 10a-1p
Barre WSNO 1450 M-F 12p-3p
Burlington WVMT 620 MoFr 12p3p
Rutland WSYB 1380 MoFr 12p3p
Blacksburg WFNR 710 M-F 12p-3p
Charlottesville WCHV 1260 M-F 12p-3p
Charlottesville WCHV 107.5 MoFr 12p3p
Danville WBTM 1330 M-F 12p-3p
Fredericksburg WNTX 1350 MoFr 12p3p
Harrisonburg WKCY 1300 M-F 12p-3p
Lynchburg WLNI 105.9 M-F 12p-3p
Norfolk WNIS 790 M-F 12p-3p
Onley-Onancock WESR 1330 M-F 12p-3p
Richmond WRVA 1140 M-F 12p-3p
Roanoke WFIR 960 M-F 12p-3p
Tazewell WTZE 1470 MoFr 12p3p
Waynesboro WKCI 970 M-F 12p-3p
Winchester WINC 1400 MoFr 12p3p
Woodbridge WMAL 105.9 MoFr 12p3p
Bellingham KGMI 790 M-F 9a-12p
Centralia KELA 1470 M-F 9a-12p
Ellensburg KXLE 1240 M-F 9a-12p
Longview KEDO 1400 M-F 9a-12p
Moses Lake KBSN 1470 M-F 2p-5p
Naches KQMY 99.3 MoFr 9a12p
Omak KOMW 680 M-F 9a-12p
Pasco KFLD 870 M-F 9a-12p
Port Angeles KONP 1450
Pullman KQQQ 1150 M-F 9a-12p
Seattle KTTH 770 M-F 9a-12p
Spokane KQNT 590 M-F 9a-12p
Walla Walla KUJ 1420 M-F 9a-12p
Wenatchee KPQ 560 M-F 9a-12p
Yakima KIT 1280 M-F 9a-12p
West Virginia
Bluefield WHIS 1440 M-F 12p-3p
Charleston WCHS 580 M-F 12p-3p
Huntington WVHU 800 M-F 12p-3p
Milton WZZW 1600 M-F 12p-3p
Morgantown WAJR 1440 M-F 12p-3p
Ronceverte WRON 1400 M-F 12p-3p
Salem/Clarksburg WAJR 103.3 M-F 12p-3p
Wheeling WWVA 1170 M-F 12p-3p
Ashland WATW 1400 MoFr 11a2p
Eagle River WERL 950 MoFr 11a2p
Green Bay WTAQ 1360 M-F 11a-2p
Green Bay WTAQ 97.5 MoFr 11a2p
La Crosse WIZM 1410 M-F 11a-2p
Madison WIBA 1310 M-F 11a-2p
Menomonie WMEQ 880 MoFr 11a2p
Milwaukee WISN 1130 M-F 11a-2p
Oshkosh WOSH 1490 M-F 11a-2p
Park Falls WPFP 980 M-F 11a-2p
Rudolph WSAU 99.9 M-F 11a-2p
Sheboygan WHBL 1330 M-F 12p-3p
Shell Lake WCSW 940 MoFr 11a2p
Superior WDSM 710 M-F 11a-2p
Wausau WSAU 550 M-F 11a-2p
Casper KTWO 1030 M-F 10a-1p
Cheyenne KGAB 650 M-F 10a-1p
Cody KODI 1400 M-F 10a-1p
Gillette KIML 1270 M-F 10a-1p
Laramie KOWB 1290 M-F10a-12p, M-F 1p-2p
Riverton KVOW 1450 MoFr 10a1p
Rock Springs KRKK 1360 M-F 10a-1p
Sheridan KROE 930 M-F 10a-1p
Worland KWOR 1340 M-F 10a-1p
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