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Boycott/Contact these Sponsors Heard on iHeart Radio Talk 1200 Boston

List of advertisers from iHeart Radio accessed from Talk 1200 Boston.Talk 1200 Boston/Newton http://www.talk1200.com/main.html

  • Lifelock announced that the IRS is warning that filing taxes online could lead to Identity theft…. Use Rush Promo Code RUSH – umm wonder if the IRS knows they are part of this ad campaign
  • www.Scoreit.com


  • Making money in a bad economy – some sort of promo – 1800-92-7560
  • Cutting Edge Grass Seed  www.cuttingedgegrassseed.com
  • Promo for Jay Severson show

NEWS BREAK the really bugged me: Fox News Radio Network Boston – MISPRONOUNCED the name of the local Native American Tribe, the Wampanoag – called it Wamp – a – NO – ag. Ask a member of the tribe, it is Wam pa nog all short vowels and the last part “nog” is only ONE syllable, not “NO-ag”.  If you report the news, pronounce names as important as the local Tribe, correctly.    (Also referred to the President’s meeting in Mexico as a meeting of the “3 amigos.”)

NECN weather

1:23      Chuck Woolery – Generation America  (see national advertisers page )- The ANTI- AARP – why doesn’t AARP challenge these ads. They say AARP is working against retirees etc. Exactly what DOES generation america do?

1:24      Insperity


Contact form: http://www.weircapital.com/contact.php     800-957-4653

2:00  News Break: Fox News Radio Network Boston

NECN Weather – local cable news station  – I am disappointed that they contract w/this station throughout the Limbaugh Show! I’ve been watching them forever and hearing their weather person on this show really really got my goat. Contact information: http://www.necn.com/pages/about


  • Generation America


  • Insperity
  • Leer Capital
  • John Gosselin Law Massachusetts Elder Law and Probate Attorneys  Gosselin & Associates, P.C. is a full-service law firm providing comprehensive legal services in the areas of Probate and Inheritance, Residential and Commercial Real Estate, Elder Law and Estate Planning.


1 781.782.6000






  • Generation America  what Jerks
  1. April 4, 2012 at 5:07 am

    What a great job! Thank you for your time and attention.Education is the only way out of this mess. I too listen and report for Washington State.It is very difficult to listen to him and remain a happy person, so my hat is off to all of us willing to listen ,and report the sponsors.I challenge others to follow suit.Thanks again.

    • April 4, 2012 at 10:56 pm

      I was thinking WA so it must be the same as the seattle group – but your list is bellington – will post it and share it w/other lists!

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