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Contact/Boycott These Sponsors from Radio 640 KFI Los Angelos


Advertisers on Radio 640 KFI in Los Angeles  the week of  3/26 (thanks to a poster from a this facebook page for this detailed list!)

  • MasterServ Copper Repipe http://911repipe.com (800) 806-7374 This is the first time I’ve heard their ads on the RL show
  • Cars4Causes (PSA) 800-800-8966 cars4causes.net   |   Let them know that their PSA appeared (multiple times) on the RL show, and this is not the first time. There are multiple organizations that accept vehicle donations, and you could just as easily donate your next vehicle to someone who doesn’t lend their good name to RL. They should contact the Ad Council, and have their spots moved.
  • Relativity Media of West Hollywood, CA (for the new movie “Mirror Mirror”) relativitymediallc.com (310) 724-7700  Really, who wants to watch a movie about Snow White that’s associated with a misanthrope like RL??
  • The Bug Man (aired multiple times) (877) 284-7101 thebugman.com  They have advertised frequently on the RL show. Please call them!
  • Vue Zone Monitoring (multiple spots, and they’re a repeat advertiser)   vuezone.com (888) 636-9883  Owned by Avaak, Inc. of San Diego avaak.com (858) 453-9866
  • Cunning Dental Implant Ctr. of Montclair, CA cunningdental.com (888) 640-7645   They’re a repeat advertiser. Eww. Want a smile like Rush’s? With all those cigar-smoke stained teeth? Find someone else to advertise with!! He’s not a good association with your services, anyway!
  • Regenix (@Cedars-Sinai) (multiple spots) (800) 734-3649   | I called these folks myself a few days ago. They’ve been repeat advertisers, and have appeared on my previous lists. I was the first one who ever called them (where are you, folks??). The office manager told me that his boss was “aware” his ads appear on the RL show, and he’s “OK” with it. Let them know you are NOT “OK” with it. There’s plenty of competition among places that would like to fix your receding hairline (or your husband’s or boyfriend’s or other family member’s hairline), and you’d be just as happy spending money with someone who doesn’t advertise with Rush 
  • LifeLock (read by rush himself, they have a specific rush discount) lifelock.com (800) 440-4833 They have been obstinate; no matter, they still deserve calls.
  • Grasshopper Mowers grasshoppermower.com (620) 345-8621  | I’m sure they make a perfectly adequate mower, but there are many who do likewise, and the others don’t lend their good name to bolster the tarnished name of Rush Limbaugh
  • Law Offices of Robert L. Steinberg robertlsteinberg.com (888) 891-2200   |This a repeat national advertiser; lots of calls will be needed to change their minds. Please help!
  • Prep Smart Foods prepsmartfoods.com 877-888-2177    First time I’ve ever heard them advertise on the RL show. Kind of ironic that a disaster food supply purveyor would advertise on a disaster like the RL show. Actually not a bad thing to have an emergency food supply in earthquake country, but there are others who do this as well, and they don’t advertise on the RL show. 
  • Pacific Coast Termite pacificcoasttermite.com (800) 722-4342  They are a repeat advertiser, and have appeared on many of my previous lists, so calls are needed!  
  • Drake Institute of Behavioral Medicine DrakeInstitute.com 800-700-4233  First time I’ve heard them advertise on the RL show.
  • Discover Los Angeles discoverlosangeles.com They are a joint project of Wells Fargo Bank and the LA Convention and Visitors Bureau. WFB has reportedly already dropped rush, and LA, Inc., which is the 501(c)(6) nonprofit section of the LA Convention and Visitors Bureau is a business association contracted by the City of Los Angeles (according to their website). That means that there are a couple of places to contact–Wells Fargo, who’s already dropped Rush, and may be sympathetic, the LA Convention and Visitors Bureau, and even the City of Los Angeles, who may not realize that their contractor, LA, Inc., is advertising on the RL show.  
  • Hillsdale College rush4hillsdale.com I appreciate their principled conservatism, I really do. So I don’t understand their continued association with RL, an unprincipled entertainment mogul. That they could hide behind that fig leaf of an apology is beyond belief. It besmirches the name of a fine institution such as theirs to be associated with a misogynist like RL. It matters not that they’re conservative; there are plenty of respectable conservative voices with whom they could choose to associate.  
  • Lear Capital learcapital.com 800-957-4653   Yes, I know it can be discouraging. But remind them that Rush isn’t just a right-wing talker; he’s pugnacious and a bully. There are lots of other conservative talkers with whom they could advertise. And, no, it’s not the accumulation of capital to which you object.  
  • Demetriou Montano & Assoc of Huntington Beach, CA taxrepair.com 800-899-1040  First time I’ve heard them advertise on RL show. Kind of funny, because Rush himself reads the ads for Tax Resolution Services, another of his advertisers who do the same thing. Why would they now want to support a discredited man who already has a preferred advertiser for the same service?  
  • Ticketmaster ticketmaster.com (800) 653-8000 They advertised two events, Mama Mia! at the Pantages Theater broadwayla.org and a Kelly Clarkson concert. KellyClarkson.com  In this case, you need to contact both ticketmaster and the individual venues and artists.
  • Generation America 800-628-3420 generationamerica.org First time I’ve ever heard this advertisement at all on any show. Supposedly a new conservative alternate to the AARP. The spot was read by Chuck Woolery of game show fame. Please call them! There are plenty of other right-wing talkers with whom they could be associated without being tarnished by Rush.
  • Nissan (“The KFI news is brought to you by Nissan”) nissanusa.com Sorry, but that doesn’t cut it insofar as I’m concerned. That’s a support of RL if they sponsor the news break during his show, it’s enablement. They could just as equally sponsor the news break during some other show in the course of the day. 21 of 24 hours are rush-free.
  • California Community Colleges icantaffordcollege.com  I think this was a PSA. It doesn’t matter. They need to be contacted so they know that their spots ran on the RL show (actually, multiple times). Advise them that they should have their media person instruct that their spots should not run on the RL show, and furthermore contact the Ad Council to pressure them to allow their clients to opt out of placing their spots on the RL show.
  • Institute of Neurological Recovery strokebreakthrough.com 310-824-6199 They are a repeat advertiser. CALL THEM!!
  • Tax Resolution Services taxresolution.com 866-477-7762  THIS IS IMPORTANT. According to the web site, they had decided to suspend their ads on the RL show. “Thank you for your comments and concerns. We have decided to join other advertisers and suspend our sponsorship of The Rush Limbaugh Show.” IT LOOKS LIKE THERE’S BEEN BACKSLIDING ON THEIR PART (or else they’d been dishonest initially). Either way, this looks like a situation that needs some attention on our part. Let’s not lose the progress we’ve made!
  • William Morrow/HarperCollins Publishers (for Ted Bell “Phantom”) harpercollins.com (212) 207-7000  This included a direct endorsement from Rush for Ted Bell.
  • Capital Gold Group startwithgold.com (800) 510-9594 They are a repeat advertiser, and there were multiple spots today on KFI. Laser Eye Center of Southern California lasereyecenter.com (800) 805-2737  They are a repeat advertiser. There are TONS of centers like this advertising to do your refractive surgery. Why would you go to someone who supports Rush?
  • Santa Anita Park santaanita.com (626) 574-7223 I haven’t heard them advertise on the RL show before.
  • Insperity Solutions insperity.com (800) 237-3170 Yeah, I know, they’re obstinate. We should be equally obstinate.
  • AIS (Auto Insurance Specialists) ais.com (888) 772-4247 They are a repeat advertiser on the RL show.
  • AEG/Amgen amgentourofcalifornia.com This is a bicycle race to support anti-cancer work, so it might be a PSA. If so, then contact AEG/Amgen and the Ad Council. This is the first time I’ve heard this on the RL show.
  • Romero Hyundai of Ontario, CA romerohyundai.com (800) 793-8420  Both the Romero Hyundai and the Romero Mazda dealerships have been advertising heavily on the RL show (and there were multiple ads today). When I called them, I got TWO calls back, and had a long conversation with someone (I’m sorry now I didn’t take her name) in marketing who seemed sympathetic, but was non-committal. I think that it wouldn’t take too much to turn this one around. Just a few calls might be needed. PLEASE HELP!
  • The Gold Guys goldguys.com corporate number in MN (952) 236-6380, their Brea Mall location number is (714) 438-7243 They are repeat advertisers.
  • Impact Teen Drivers/CA Highway Patrol (Sacramento, CA) PSA whatslethal.com e-mail: info@impactteendrivers.org  My usual admonitions apply to PSAs. You need to contact the sponsoring organization to let them know their spot ran on the RL show, you need to encourage them to advise their media buyer/consultant that they don’t want their spots run on the RL show, and you need to contact the Ad Council to encourage them to allow their clients to opt out of having their spots run on the RL show without recrimination.
  • Metro Honda/Riverside Metro Auto Group riversidemetro.com (888) 742-6099 They are repeat advertisers, so more work is needed!
  • Amberen/Lunada Biomedical amberen.com lunadabiomed.com (800) 339-0095    The irony of a company who specifically markets a product for women to advertise with this misogynist will not be lost on this group. The company released a statement a while ago to the effect that canceling their ads would only hurt their employees, many of whom are women. Sorry, but this doesn’t cut it anymore. There are plenty of other places to advertise for women looking for menopause relief.
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