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Yesterday “El Rushbo” joined the Republican’s bandwagon echoing their deflection de jour away from the current issues, policies, and legislation that together makeup the War on Women by bloviating about a CNN commentator’s remark that Ann Romney has never worked a day in her life. The comment, not the best choice of words,were made by a working mother in response to Mitt’s claims that his wife is his source for understanding what is important to women these days.

In his discussions about this issue, Rush reffered to women in the media as “clucking hens.” He said feminism “Changed Forever The Normal Human Nature Relationships Between Men And Women.” And that the “Infobabe” At CNN “Cut Feminism Off At The Knees” By Saying women want choice between working, staying home. He echoed the Romney camp’s claim that the CNN commentator Read more…


Limbaugh’s Week Didn’t Start Well, But Ours Did! Join the Growing Effort!

April 11, 2012 3 comments

(How can you help? See this page)

I love it when a plan comes together … as it were.

I leave my “post” for a couple of days and come back to an even better world!  As we have all said in the beginning, this movement to clean up the rhetoric of our national conversation won’t happen over night. Consider that Premiere and Clear Channel were all excited a couple weeks ago, touting in press releases that the Rush Limbaugh boycott failed and “He” would go on for ever.  This was all reinforced by lazy journalists who simply regurgitated those press releases into articles sprinkled with an interview given by the PR people who created them calling it news.  Read more…

Boycott/Contact Limbaugh Sponsors Lists from Around the Country Week of April 2 and March 26

UPDATED:  4/5  This page includes lists from listeners recording advertisers from across the country. The participating is growing. There are several other sites like ours out there and we don’t all have the same lists. We will be adding names to the list throughout the day 4/5 and 4/6 – so keep checking back, we add the latest names given to us to the top of the list below!

Please use these lists to make contact w/sponsors whose ads played week of April 2 -04/04 and those from the week of March 26 who haven’t yet confirmed they have pulled their ads from Rush’s show.  Some may have said they weren’t aware their ads were on the show, but until they are NO LONGER ADVERTISING They will be on this list.  There is a short list of national sponsors who continue to advertise w/Limbaugh – those are listed here

If you are willing to listen to the Rush Limbaugh show on your local station and keep a list of advertisers we’d appreciate it of you share those lists with us – submit your lists via comments.

Please send emails, use facebook and twitter and contact forms. Try to be Read more…

Contact/Boycott These Sponsors in Chicago


New on 4/11

Lindsay Honda of Ohio


(Recommendations only)

Largest Honda dealer in Central OH.

MagOx 400 – Magnesuim supplement
HCP Pharmaceuticals
1-800-633-9353 or 1800-899-3116
Fax 1-631-789-3143

Advertised on Rush Radio 3/26-4/3 In Chicago on WLS am890

Johnsonville – Sauage **STILL RUNNING TODAY**2X Read more…


March 26, 2012 2 comments

Rockys Auto
303 436 4646 try this email
Rocky’s Autos – Colorado’s Number One Used Car Dealer – Cleanest Cars in Colorado Since 1982

Thank you to Sheila K. F. from the  who listened to the show today.  (BTW that page reached over 35,000 likes today.) From Shelia: ***Many have sent us messages stating they are not advertising*** so I have included times. Please make good use of my time spent compiling this list. Cheers!

Below is a list of the sponsors with their contact  – below that is the list that tells when and how often their product was advertised on the Read more…

WGAU 1340 Athens, GA Contact These Sponsors!

Advertisers that advertised March 22, 2012 thanks to MDM

Generation America

Twitter Account @Generation_A Read more…

Great post on Huffington –

How We’re All Paying for Rush Limbaugh to Take Viagra (And Why it Costs a Lot More Than Contraception)
Posted: 03/15/2012 12:23 pm
When conservative blowhards rant, you know they have something on their minds and it’s Read more…

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