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Despite the Lack of Publicity, the Effort to Boycott Rush Limbaugh is Going Well, Thank You.

UPDATE! So many people have asked how to get involved we put this list  together, join us!

Despite what Clear Channel wants you to think, the national grassroots effort to boycott Rush Limbaugh’s sponsors is working in its own quiet way.

Actually, the effort has been more about notifying advertisers than boycotting.

Every day volunteers grit their teeth and listen to Limbaugh’s hate-filled lunchtime show on hundreds of affiliates across the country.  They keep track of who is Read more…


How the Europeans See Us: The Republican Vagina Monologues

A young woman, American, living and teaching in Spain sent us this – her message the way the story translates and the story itself are significant. Interesting how they all think of us.  Her message, paraphrased: 

I find it so incredibly interesting that foreign countries pay so much attention to what is happening in America …. and that the news ABOUT the United States tends to be unbiased…. not like reporting from WITHIN the United States. This is an opportunity for people in the US to read what people in other countries think about the US:

The Republican Vagina Monologues

By Eva C. Schweitzer, die Zeit, Germany – Translated By Ron Argentati – 9 March 2012 -Edited by Gillian Palmer

The squabble with Iran might mean war, and America desperately needs new jobs — still, the Republicans are pushing a different agenda. The election is becoming a culture war.

Why on earth is America arguing about sex, prostitution and contraception in the middle of an election campaign? While the Republican candidates chase delegates, many people are engrossed in a far more interesting program: Rush Limbaugh, America’s best known conservative radio talk show host, spent days calling a college coed a prostitute and a slut, even asking her to post videos of herself having sex on the Internet. Since Limbaugh is considered the voice of the tea party movement, the Republicans’ populist right-wing, now all the candidates are expected to give their opinions on that.

Not that they want to, but they fear the party’s far right wing. At the same time, this is nothing more than the latest chapter in an increasingly shrill culture war, in which both sides see themselves as Read more…

An Open Letter to Patricia Heaton

Patricia Heaton - the Female Rush

Unfortunate, or Despicable - you decide.

This is great, and I know I will NEVER watch Everybody Loves Raymond reruns nor will I ever watch The Middle again …..

An Open Letter (and a dare) to Patricia Heaton aka The Female Rush Limbaugh

by Leisa Hussein Simone on Wednesday, March 7, 2012 at 8:55pm

Places for updated information

Great Site w/information, there are a lot of sites like this one out there –

Be sure to click on these facebook pages, click “like” – Share w/your friends and join the discussion:

Local Radio Station Update: Sponsors aired in Ashland, WI and/or Duluth, MN

Please visit their facebook page:


3/6/12 aired in Ashland, WI and/or Duluth, MN

Newt Gingrich PAC
Heartland Radio Sales
Local homeshow
Drive for COPD PSA
Auto Value Read more…

8 Steps to Stop Rush

This page is intended to accompany the Facebook Page:

Updated: 3/6/12 @ 11:30 pm pst

Information for the Boycott Limbaugh Effort

This page is intended to accompany the Facebook Page

A friend of the page posted the following after listening to the show March 6 – Contact the sponsors and urge them to NOT ADVERTISE ON RUSH LIMBAUGH’S SHOW!   I know I will be talking contacting Turbo Tax and cancelling my order.

Here are most of, if not all, of the sponsors on today’s Rush show as heard through KTRH Radio in Houston…..March 6, 2012 – some have live links, some need to be copied and pasted – links open a new window
Lifelock Ultimate
Newt Gingrich – Winning Our Future
Gold & Silver Buyers.Com Read more…

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