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Contact these Sponsors heard on KOA in Denver

Advertisers on the Rush Limbaugh show on Monday-Friday, March 5 to April 12, heard on KOA 850 AM in Denver:

  • (streamed ad) Thomason Law Group 1-800-406-5031 [most recently advertised Thursday April 12]
    (this company had told volunteers they were going to stop advertising, but they are back) Read more…
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Contact/Boycott these LIMBAUGH Sponsors in Seattle for KTTF

Seattle Sponsor List for Rush Limbaugh UPDATED 4/12/12
(Includes 4/2-9 ads, too, now that list shrinking)
We are focusing now on local sponsors:
If your time for calls is brief, please focus on Tub Cove, Infiniti of Kirkland, and Chuck Olson Kia. We think they may be receptive to your concerns, so worth the effort. Thanks! Read more…

WFLA AM 540 Orlando

3/30 WFLA am540 Orlando/Cocoa Beach Friday 2012
Advertisers/Sponsors heard on Rush Limbaugh Broadcast

Please contact these sponsors and ask them not to support Rush Limbaugh; for more Read more…

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Off-Topic (sort of) An Example of the Absurdity

Women’s Health Supporters Hilariously Flood Republicans’ Facebook Walls With Sarcasm (“Can You Help Me Choose a Tampon?”)

For at least the past few days, it seems that women and women’s health supporters have been flooding anti-choice Republicans’ Facebook pages with often hilarious criticisms of their efforts to roll back women’s rights. Take a look at Read more…

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Petition to pull Limbaugh off AFN gathers steam

By Rick Maze – Staff writer  Posted : Friday Mar 9, 2012 17:24:58 EST

A petition drive to get conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh banned from Armed Forces Network radio has collected more than 19,300 online signatures in five days, and appears well on the way toward acquiring the 25,000 signatures required by April 3 to get the White House to directly address the issue.  read full article here   


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Boycott these Sponsors Heard in Boston

A Media Matters Reader Reports that he listened to 1200 Talk (Boston) streaming online, for about 30 minutes between 1pm and 1:30pm, on Friday March 9th and head advertisements for:

There are more new names on the Boycott Local Sponsors page

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Rush Cartoons – Comedy Relief

In the it’s so sad you have to laugh vein, from Media Matters Facebook Page click to enlarge.

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