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Yesterday “El Rushbo” joined the Republican’s bandwagon echoing their deflection de jour away from the current issues, policies, and legislation that together makeup the War on Women by bloviating about a CNN commentator’s remark that Ann Romney has never worked a day in her life. The comment, not the best choice of words,were made by a working mother in response to Mitt’s claims that his wife is his source for understanding what is important to women these days.

In his discussions about this issue, Rush reffered to women in the media as “clucking hens.” He said feminism “Changed Forever The Normal Human Nature Relationships Between Men And Women.” And that the “Infobabe” At CNN “Cut Feminism Off At The Knees” By Saying women want choice between working, staying home. He echoed the Romney camp’s claim that the CNN commentator Read more…


Despite the Lack of Publicity, the Effort to Boycott Rush Limbaugh is Going Well, Thank You.

UPDATE! So many people have asked how to get involved we put this list  together, join us!

Despite what Clear Channel wants you to think, the national grassroots effort to boycott Rush Limbaugh’s sponsors is working in its own quiet way.

Actually, the effort has been more about notifying advertisers than boycotting.

Every day volunteers grit their teeth and listen to Limbaugh’s hate-filled lunchtime show on hundreds of affiliates across the country.  They keep track of who is Read more…

Listening to Limbaugh and Wishing I’d Skipped Lunch

Monday, my assignment was to listen to Rush Limbaugh on the Boston Station Talk Radio 1200. The signal was weak; I had trouble getting the station to come in where I was working so I listened to it on computer via iHeart Radio on Talk 1200’s website.

Most of the ads were national sponsors, local station promos and FREE Ad Council Ads (this is your brain; this is your brain on Limbaugh.) Perhaps the Ad Council ads would be good for some of his listeners; self proclaimed DittoHeads will benefit from the promotions for help with Read more…

Boycott/Contact these Sponsors Heard on iHeart Radio Talk 1200 Boston

List of advertisers from iHeart Radio accessed from Talk 1200 Boston. Read more…

Contact/Boycott these Sponsors WXTK Cape Cod

WXTK cape cod – Listened April 2nd

1:30 Slade Mortgage, Falmouth, MA


twitter: @slademortgage

1:33      Dominos Pizza:   Read more…

Contact/Boycott Seattle Washington Sponsors

March 30, 2012 4 comments

Please take some time to help contact these sponsors. Tell them they are on this list and several others (it was shared by it’s author on the Daily Kos.)  Please share this lists and the entire website with your friends. Ask them to make a few calls and send a few emails…

Hi All! The sponsor list is shrinking still further.  Local businesses are re-thinking the wisdom of being a “Limbully” brand sponsor in Seattle, especially when there are fewer and fewer of them, so they really stand out.  It’s a big city, and they know we have lots of choices as consumers.  Unlike tax cuts, bullying does trickle down, so in honor of the 13,000,000 children who are the victims of bullies each year, The Bully Project and movie, we are redoubling our efforts for #stoprush, to get one of the biggest bullies in the country off the public airwaves in Seattle.  Every call, tweet, e-mail you make and send does make a difference!  Here’s a link to the project:….  Mush on!

Seattle Sponsor List for Rush Limbaugh 3/30/12: Read more…

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