This post is not meant to slam MM- the work they do is important, we simply want to make it clear that our involvement wasn’t originated by following a leader or answering a call from MM.

Limbaugh’s paid employees along with the big guy himself have started a media campaign designed to blame the effort to boycott  his advertisers  on a long-standing effort by Media Matters to rid the airways of the poison Limbaugh feeds his GOP audience.  Limbaugh’s staff claim their boss is the victim of a years-long conspiracy  and refer to us all as terrorists.

Not so in the case of just about every effort I have discovered scattered throughout social media including our own here! 

The people behind this effort to boycott sponsors are not like Limbaugh’s own listeners who follow their leader like lambs. We are think-for-ourselfers.  I left the following comment on yet another article  about Media Matters supposed “leadership.”

“I am so tired of hearing this speculation that Media Matters is behind the efforts to remove Limbaugh from our publicly accessed, free, airways.  I have two daughters in their 20’s, beautiful, educated and outspoken. They both take contraceptive pills. Neither of my daughters is a “sl*&” Just typing the word disturbs me. There is NO WORD that a woman can aim and shoot at a man that cuts as deep, demeans and diminishes a person. It is for this reason that we started a website/blog with information supporting various ways to boycott Limbaugh.

We’d not heard of Media Matters until looking for lists of sponsors. And, quite frankly, their lists are limited to national and NYC sponsors. This is a true grass-roots effort with no discernible leader, just thousands of people who are fed up with the direction the GOP leader has taken the nation discussion.

The attacks on race and women and anyone who doesn’t fit Limbaugh’s dittohead mold are abhorrent, his vitriol precipitates a level of hate injected into our political -and even more disturbing- policy discussions that I have never seen in my 50 years on this earth – save the ugliness of the busing fights when I was a child.

It is time to change the rhetoric we use to “win” our political arguments.”

  Limbaugh’s over-the-line rhetoric came not to long after the fallout Susan G. Komen experienced when the religious right pressured them into not funding Planned Parenthood’s efforts to provide access to mammograms for women w/out insurance.  When word got out that Komen acquiesced to the pressure – women (and men) took their outrage to social media and Komen reversed their decision. But the stigma remains and the group is suffering losses from which they may not recover.

The effort to remove Limbaugh from the publicly accessed airwaves seems to have grown tentacles longer than those that stretched from the Komen outcry and should not be underestimated. Facebook pages, twitter accounts, websites etc are popping up every day and won’t stop.   Rush and his staff, along with Premiere Radio Networks and Clear Channel should consider the state of Susan G. Komen, today – will they ever recover? We hope not – Rush ought to rush to satellite radio, before he is forever banished to the links.

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