Saturday – Target Minnesota

From a fellow user of the facebook page

Don’t forget, today (Saturday) we are targeting Limbaugh’s Minnesota radio station affiliates. A list appears below. Be courteous and be brief. The body of the letter (mesage) I send appears below the station list:

Market Station Freq Air Time
Baxter WWWI-AM 1270 M-F 11a-2p
Bemidji KKBJ-AM 1360 M-F 11a-2p
Dilworth WZFG-AM 1100 MoFr 11a2p
Fergus Falls KBRF-AM 1250 MoFr 11a2p
Minneapolis KTLK-FM 100.3 M-F 11a-2p
Nashwauk WNMT-AM 650 MoFr 11a2p
Park Rapids KPRM-AM 870 M-F 11a-2p
St. Cloud KNSI-AM 1450 M-F 11a-2p
Verndale KVKK-AM 1070 M-F 11a-2p
Willmar KDJS-AM 1590 M-F 11a-2p
Winona KWNO-AM 1230 MoFr 11a12p; 2p4p

The body of my letter:

“The reaction of thousands on Internet social networks should be a warning to any radio station that still carries the Rush Limbaugh show. This is the age of the Occupy Movement and if I was the general manager or program director of a radio station that continues to carry Rush Limbaugh, I’d be actively seeking a replacement.

Mike Huckabee is as a moral conservative political commentator whose news radio talk show is syndicated through Cumulus Broadcasting. If he appeared on your airwaves, you wouldn’t have to worry about advertisers bailing because Mike Huckabee wouldn’t give them a reason to do so.

Think about it. Can you afford to keep airing Rush Limbaugh?”


  1. Don
    March 17, 2012 at 9:02 am

    100.3 FM is sports talk now. Rush is on AM 1130:

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