Great post on Huffington –

How We’re All Paying for Rush Limbaugh to Take Viagra (And Why it Costs a Lot More Than Contraception)
Posted: 03/15/2012 12:23 pm
When conservative blowhards rant, you know they have something on their minds and it’s almost always themselves. So the people who yell loudest about class warfare have waged it successfully on behalf of the 1 percent. And the conservatives complaining about death panels did not object to the real ones in states like Arizona that denied Medicaid benefits to patients who died because of the transplants they could not get as a result. Similarly, you then hear Rush Limbaugh objecting that a mandate that university health plans cover contraception would mean taxpayers paying people to have sex, it can only mean that he is describing himself. And he may very well be. Let me explain. read the rest here :

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