Please contact these sponsors – Denver –

For the most recent list of sponsors for KOA SEE THIS PAGE

This list is probably the largest list of advertisers I’ve seen on a station. What is with Denver? Please follow the advice and contact these advertisers. When a car dealership is involved, please contact the corporate offices for the car manufacturer and ask them if this is the image they want for their brand.

Calls and messages needed! (Denver station)

o The top 11 advertisers are new today.

o If you are successful — if someone promises to stop advertising with Rush Limbaugh — be sure to thank them. Then let everyone know. *Brag* a bit. Why? It lets everyone else know not to call that advertiser.

o Be sure that you are working from a recent list. On a website, be sure the list is edited. On Facebook or in comments that cannot be edited, check the date that the list was posted. Otherwise, we might end up deluging an advertiser, even after they’ve pulled their ads.

o If someone promises to stop advertising with Rush, or if you notice an error in this list, please give me feedback!

Thanks for all that you do!

Advertisers on the Rush Limbaugh show on Monday-Friday, March 5-13, on KOA 850 AM in Denver:


LifeLock 1-800-440-4833 1-800-543-3562 select option for member support- uses Rush as an endorsement – flood them!
Lead Valley Range (target shooting) 303-769-4377

Brothers Plumbing 303-451-5057

Champion 1-888-367-2426

Tucker Stipe investing 1-800-923-7560

Barracuda Networks 1-888-268-4772

Tax Resolution Services 1-866-477-7762

La Quita Inns & Suites 1-800-753-3757

Fujitsu General Minisplits Ductless Heating and Cooling 1-888-888-3424

Paradigm Group financial services 720-931-6560

Professional Auto Group 720-515-5553 1-800-416-3578


Breeze Ski Rentals 1-888-427-3393

Low T Center for low testosterone 303-451-5698

Farm Bureau Insurance 1-800-315-5998 303.749.7623 866-889-4804

First Option Lending 303-803-1900

Dun and Bradstreet 800-239-0011

PGA Tours Superstore (golf) 888-551-8687

Ideal Home Loans 303-867-7000

Loan Depot 1-866-888-5626

Colorado Oil and Gas Association 303.861.0362

General Steel 800-987-8335 1-800-745-2685

Chambers Wine and Liquor 303-751-6935

Hewlett Packard Folio Computers 650-857-1501

Denver University 303-871-3155 800-347-2042

Perfect Landing Restaurant Centennial Airport 303-649-4478

Two If By Tea

Dan Caplis Attorney 303-770-5551

Mountain High Appliance in Louisville 303-665-6850 877-668-6844

Toy Car Care 303-799-3895

Icon Lasic 720-524-1001

Legacy Publishing Company (dealing with kids with “oppositional defiance disorder”) 1-800-326-0285

Vista Print 1-866-614-8002 781-652-6300

Johnson Auto Plaza 1-800-880-1940 303-654-1940

Fast Cash Gold Centers 303-731-5444

Mike Shaw Subaru 1-888-472-4482 303-438-7500

Monster Vac 303-277-0140

Laser Nail Centers 1-888-927-3864

Xerox 303-980-6700 1-800-275-9376

Pro Auto Care 303-758-7767 1-800-276-0070

Karlan Tucker & Associates 303-707-1111

Gravina Windows 303-472-8462

Littleton Radiation Oncology 303-738-8700

Comcast Business Class 1-800-391-3000

Venture Card from Capital One

Safe Ship 303-221-1010

Cordell and Cordell 303-221-3237

HP Folio Ultrabooks notebook computers

American Financing 303-695-7000

Good Feet Store (search for “Good Feet Store” on Facebook)

Ford F series trucks

Dunright Custom Cabinetry 1-800-362-8370 303-722-2295

Lear Capital 1-800-957-4653


Joy’s Consigned Furnishings 303-757-7269

Mountain Streams Medical 719-634-6700 303-469-7300

Greiner Electric 303-470-9702

Hillsdale College

Realtor Chad Madlom 303-900-8570

rescue rooter 303-418-6000

Hearing rehab centers 1-800-787-4327 303-502-9720

Eternal Hybrid hot water heaters 866-946-1096

Ben Franklin Plumbing 866-786-2882

Attorneys Custer Roberson Law 303-893-0833

Robert Steinberg 888-891-2200

Rosetta Stone Language 1-800-767-3882

Panorama Orthopedics & Spine Center 1-800-258-5250

Williams Jewelers 303-355-4322 303-761-9700

Amberin weight loss 1-800-339-0095 customer service 1-800-222-3304

Neighborhood Law Office 303-302-1000

  1. richard myers
    March 15, 2012 at 3:04 pm

    Please DO NOT call Whole Foods, we have taken them off of the lists. They were mentioned in someone else’s ad as in “We’re next to Whole Foods…”. Thanks.

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