Talking to Sponsors Today .. 3/13

Got a message with some advice:   You can tell the advertiser exactly what station(s) and which day(s) their ad aired by looking here: Many have no idea that their ads are running during his show, so this information will help them resolve the issue. And please BE POLITE.

Example of individual messages to sponsors pulled from the facebook page:  :

Rush’s home station in Detroit – let them know you can see who the sponsors are: Time to shut off the spigot…

Over the years, through a change in call letters and several changes on the AM dial, WJR grew to be the largest, strongest, most respected radio station in the state of Michigan, broadcasting at 50,000 watts, 24 hours a day from high atop the golden tower of the Fisher Building. WJR has a legendar…

Page: 3,718 like this



Advertising on Detroit WJR760 today:

Real Estate Education, Information, Marketing Resources & Much More


“This is the company that aired an ad during the Rush Limbaugh show today on WBEN in Buffalo, NY. I have emailed them and encourage any of you to do the same.”

Monro Muffler Brake and Service provides dealer quality service for less. We will beat any competitor price before and after you buy. You need to TRUST who’s working on your car!

“Stop advertising during the Rush Limbaugh program! I heard your ad at the 11:15am break on Radio KEX 1190AM and 102.3FM in Portland, Oregon. Rush is a hate monger who contributes to the physical symptoms your product seeks to address. Perhaps that is a reason for leaving your ad where it is, however there are other companies who offer similar products and who do not support Rush’s filthy campaigns. I urge you to pull your ads from his time slot (9am-noon) and offer it during alternative programs. Thank you.”

ZyVestra® is a non-prescription, safe, natural, homeopathic combination system that alleviates the symptoms of vertigo including dizziness, nausea, and even headaches. This FDA-registered formula works in two ways, both inside and out, to improve your inner ear balance. ZyVestra® Tablets are small…

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