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Response from a Company that Supports Limbaugh!

March 7, 2012

Contact them:http://www.facebook.com/YMT.Vacations?sk=app_164418146915471
In a response to a request to stop advertising w/Rush Limbaugh:

Thank you for your comments.
We advertise on radio stations not necessarily on anyone’s program. As an advertiser I’m not an apologist for Rush Limbaugh or any other person on radio or TV. I personally think, however, that the best way to answer someone you disagree with is more free speech not less. It’s my understanding that Mr. Limbaugh apologized for his comments and consequently there are as many mad at him for apologizing as for the original comments. We therefore do not take sides or positions in these types of debates. We do not condone the oppression of anyone and casting aspersions by association is not a good way to advocate for your position.
Our goal is to market our products to anyone and everyone interested in quality vacations at incredible values.
I sincerely hope you understand and appreciate our position.

Thank you again for your concern.

Oliver Milton
YMT Vacations / Jet Advertising

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